Zenoh Bridges gaps in Robotics applications

Feb 11, 2024 Autonomous Vehicles

DefenceX personel recently met with key stakeholders in the Australian Army, to discuss the Generic Autonomous Robotic Systems Architecture, and demonstrate the application of a novel communications protocol for robotics applications. The ‘Zenoh’ protocol has recently been adopted by the Robot Operating System (ROS) as an approved middleware, allowing communication between different parts of the system. Zenoh offers pub/sub and storage/query protocols over local and distributed networks.

Existing middlewares such as Data Distribution Service (DDS) face limitations in certain applications such as swarming and remote command and control. Zenoh solves these issues, while still providing a fully compliant DDS bridge so existing DDS systems can be scaled to operate over the internet, satellite or radio.

During the demonstration, DefenceX operated a Turtlebot connected to office WiFi, over a private server in Sydney running Zenoh, controlled by a DDS command Centre running on the 5G mobile network.

This demonstrated the huge opportunity for the ADF to invest in scalable, remote robotics applications which can be deployed globally and operated locally. For more information on the freely available Zenoh protocol and how to employ it in your robotics applications reach out to DefenceX.

Find out more about Zenoh here https://zenoh.io/ and on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/@zettascaletech

For a demo and to find out more about how Zenoh can be deployed in saftey applications for ISO26262 in the autonomous and automotive space including Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) contact us of a demo.