Defence (Generic Vehicle Architecture)

Software Development Kits (SDKs) ready to go

We are already doing what you need. We have IP that can accelerate your development, speak to us about our SDKs for development of ground vehicle applications, we are experienced in development of systems conforming to the Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) and associated video and streaming protocols. Some kits are already available as open source and you can play with them now.

Software Stack

We have Land Data Model (LDM) enabled Distributed Data Service (DDS) kits and video streaming kits for rapid deployment we are hardware and vendor agnostic and can integrate with your preferred supplier (RTI, Cyclone, Opensplice).

This is achieved using our LDM Software Development Kit (SDK), starting with AUS LDM 7.2.5 this provides a quick start to application development without the need to spend time and money on hiring specialists to build up your own specialised capabilities.

Our LDM SDKs when coupled with the HMI kit is a powerful combination suitable for R&D, HMI prototyping and deployable on low power SWaPc (Size Wight and Power + low Cost) optimised hardware.

Vivoe Lite running an APC Technologies GVA Display (fully supported)

DefenceX’s HMI is powerful and light weight, key features:

  • Extensible C++(17) codebase
  • Minimal code dependencies
  • Widget library or reusable components, quickly mock up new screens.
  • Support for unix like systems with Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RHEL, Fedora packages pre-built
  • Full source code available on Github
  • Multi architecture support for Intel, ARM and Risc V
  • Vectored graphics, scales to any resolution without degradation VGA(640×480) up to 8k+(7680×4320) using the same binary
  • Support for themes, lots of customization possible (See screenshot below)
  • Quickly prototype new concepts
  • Support for multiple DDS stacks (Opensplice, Cyclone and RTI)
  • Plugins available for UK and Australian Land Data Models (in development, Q1 2023)
  • Media streaming support for DEF-STAN 00-082 (RTP Uncompressed and H.264), GigEVision on request (PLEVID)
  • GVA Services for Registry, Platform, Alarms and more…
  • Runs on Raspberry Pi <5 watts
  • MIT Licence and commercial licence options

Open Source

Start now with the open source edition or contact us for access to our country specific integration kits:

FeatureOpen Source Commercial
HMI Rendering Framework
Media Framework
MIT Licence
OpenSplice DDS (Apache2 Licencing)
OpenSplice DDS (Commercial Licencing)
Cyclone DDS support (Eclipse Licencing)
Cyclone DDS support (Commercial Licencing)
RTI Connext DDS (Commercial Licencing)
UK Land Data Model (LOSA)
Australian Land Data Model (LOCA)
LDM and Media testing toolkit
Commercial support through SLA
Commercial support options

GVA HMI renderer available on Github. Pre compiled packages for Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, Fedora and CentOS available form our downloads page.


GVA Alarms Screen
GVA Alarms
Situational Awareness (SA)
Situational Awareness (SA), modern theme
OpenStreetmap (BMS)
Drivers Display (DRV)

Open Source HMI and documentation hosted over on github, commercial versions available on request.