Month: January 2024

DefenceX Partners with RMIT University and CSIRO for Groundbreaking Research on Autonomous Vehicles Integration in Naval Operations

Jan 25, 2024 by Ross Newman

[Brisbane, 25 Janurary 2024] – DefenceX, a leading defense technology company, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with RMIT University and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for the collaborative program, “Emerging Technologies for the Integration of Autonomous Vehicles into Networked Naval Operations.”

This innovative program will focus on research, testing, and evaluation to facilitate the seamless integration of crewed vessels with autonomous maritime and aerial vehicles. The goal is to address the current and future challenges faced by Australia’s navy, enhancing its operational capabilities through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Key Program Objectives:

  • Conduct comprehensive research to advance the integration of autonomous vehicles into networked naval operations.
  • Perform rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of autonomous maritime and aerial vehicles.
  • Collaborate with industry and academic partners to harness diverse expertise and perspectives.
  • Provide valuable insights and solutions to enhance Australia’s naval capabilities in the face of evolving challenges.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Tech Graduates

In conjunction with this groundbreaking initiative, CSIRO is also launching the “Next Generation Graduates Program.” This cohort-based, industry-driven graduate training program is designed to equip students with entrepreneurial thinking and skill sets crucial for breakthrough innovation in AI and other emerging technologies.

Through the Next Generation Graduates Program, DefenceX aims to contribute to building a competitive and capable workforce. By providing placement oppertunities and fostering collaboration among students, researchers, and industry professionals, the program aims to drive the growth of the Australian Defence tech sector.

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About DefenceX: DefenceX is a leading defense technology company committed to advancing innovation in autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies for enhanced defense capabilities.

Media Contact: Ross Newman, Founder