How can we help?

How do our embedded software services enable an effective route to market?

At DefenceX, we offer a range of embedded software services to turn your design into a fully functional system:

  • Developing new products: initial feasibility study informing Statement of Work for development of an embedded system that meets project requirements. This encompasses embedded software architecture, modeling, design, engineering, systems development, release and development.
  • Adapting new products: embedded software services such as porting, system redevelopment and enhancement and adaptation to innovations and changes in requirements for reliability and performance.
  • Product upkeep: enhancements across the device lifecycle, including maintenance activity and releases, tracking and fixing bugs and improving functionality or performance.
  • Testing: design and implementation of appropriate test plans – automation and scripting – encompassing critical functions and features such as security, safety, compatibility, interoperability and compliance.

We help product developers and manufacturers tap into the value and potential of new and enhanced technologies via iteration on an existing custom design, size or shape, high volume production, or to meet stringent technical requirements. More than highly technical embedded software developers, we are problem solvers, trouble-shooters and project managers. We understand the business drivers underpinning the embedded software requirement.

Beyond a functioning embedded software output are commercial imperatives to reduce the cost, time, drain and complexities of the development process.

By taking advantage of our specialist expertise in hardware and software interfacing, your engineers can concentrate their efforts on higher-level, application-specific software to make your product unique.

Whether the device is aimed at leveraging data, innovating services, improving productivity and efficiency or solving critical problems, we deliver next-generation embedded software solutions that help overcome the business challenges of taking your product to market reliably and safely.