ApeXGuardian (Coming Q3 2024)

Introducing the ApeXGuardian™ Tactical Data Logger, a cutting-edge solution tailored for rugged military applications. Engineered with precision and resilience, this embedded AI-enabled data logger stands as a beacon of innovation in the field, combining intelligent data recording with unparalleled efficiency.

AI intelligent data logging with the ApeXGardian

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Intelligence:
    Harness the power of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that intelligently record mission-critical data, including both environmental and telemetry parameters. The ApeXGuardian™ ensures optimal data capture, providing a comprehensive overview of the operational environment.
  2. Military-Grade Ruggedness:
    Built to withstand the harshest conditions, this data logger is designed for the rigors of military use. From extreme temperatures to shock and vibration, the ApexGuardian™ stands resilient, ensuring data integrity in every mission scenario.
  3. Smart GVA Video Recording (GVR):
    The ApexGuardian™ seamlessly integrates with Ground Vehicle Architecture (GVA) systems, adhering to DEF-STAN 00-082 video streaming standards and powered by MediaX. Intelligent recording based on configurable threat profiles. This compatibility ensures seamless communication and data exchange within military networks, enhancing interoperability across diverse platforms.
  4. Autonomous System Integration:
    Stay ahead of the curve with the ApexGuardian™, capable of effortless integration with autonomous systems. Its extensible architecture allows for easy adaptation to evolving technologies, making it a future-ready solution for the dynamic landscape of military operations.
  5. Offline Storage and Batch Data Retrieval:
    Ensure data accessibility even in the most challenging scenarios. The ApexGuardian™ features offline storage capabilities, allowing it to record and retain crucial information when connectivity is compromised. Batch data retrieval further streamlines post-mission analysis, enhancing efficiency in data management.
  6. Enhanced Security Measures:
    Safeguard sensitive data with state-of-the-art security protocols (FIPS 140-2 validated) embedded in the ApexGuardian™. Military-grade encryption and authentication mechanisms ensure that mission-critical information remains confidential and protected against unauthorized access.
  7. User-Friendly Interface:
    Despite its advanced capabilities, the ApexGuardian™ boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing military personnel to easily configure, monitor, and retrieve data. The intuitive design minimizes training requirements, ensuring rapid deployment and operational readiness.
  8. Interrogate Data the fly:
    Replay and rewind mission data on the fly for presentation on the GVA HMI, support for VivoeX for rapid replay and retrival of mission critical data. Configure GVA alarms for automated alerting and increased threat detection and situational awareness.

The ApeXGuardian™ Tactical Data Logger represents a leap forward in data recording technology for military applications. Whether deployed in the field, aboard vehicles, or integrated into autonomous systems, it stands as a steadfast guardian of valuable mission data, enhancing situational awareness and supporting strategic decision-making. When the mission demands excellence, trust the ApeXGuardian™ to deliver precision, resilience, and intelligence in every operation.