Enabling capabilities from DefenceX

VivoeX is a HMI and data backbone for ground vehicles conforming to DEF-STAN 00-023 and AUS DEF 11316. Following the open standards developed in the UK, NATO and Autsrlia forming the Land Data Model (LDM).

MediaX is a video streming library comforming to DEF STAN 00-082 for low latency video streaming on vehicles.

Middleware from ZettaScale

DefenceX use and support the middleware libraries from ZettaScale and AdLink. Contact DefenceX for a demonstration.

OpenSplice Vortex DDS the Enterprise DDS solution proven in the battlfield and IoT. Find out more about OpenSplice here.

Cyclone DDS the next generation of safty for DDS in software defined vehicles and military deployments. Find out more about Cyclone here.

Zenho for MESH networks and constrained environments. Find out more about Zenho here.

Real Time Operating Systems and Hypervisor Technology

Announcment comming soon Q3 2023. Need ISO26262 for you platform then reach out now to speak to us.