A Night to Remember: AIDN QLD Gala Dinner Highlights and Gratitude

Jul 28, 2023 ADIN

AIDN QLD recently hosted a magnificent Gala Dinner at the prestigious Brisbane City Hall, and it was an evening to remember. With over 345 ADIN Members and esteemed guests in attendance, the event was filled with camaraderie, insightful discussions, and memorable moments. In this blog post, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who made the evening a grand success and highlight some of the remarkable moments that made the event truly special.

Welcoming the Guests:

AIDN QLD President, Frank Harrington, set the tone for the evening as he warmly welcomed the attendees to the Gala Dinner. He took the opportunity to acknowledge the generous sponsors, esteemed guests, and the recent achievements of the AIDN QLD Defence Industry.

Thought-Provoking Speeches:

The evening featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who delivered thought-provoking and forthright speeches. The Hon. Di Farmer MP, Minister for Employment and Small Business, Minister for Training and Skills Development, and Minister for Youth Justice, emphasized the vital role that local SMEs play in Queensland and the government’s commitment to support them.

AIDN CEO Brent Clark expressed concern over the impact of the Defence Strategic Review on Australian Defence Industry businesses, reflecting the sentiments of many in the room.

Passionate Industry Perspectives:

Ben James, CEO of Platinum Sponsor NIOA Australia and New Zealand, delivered a passionate speech on the urgent need for action within the industry. He highlighted how a vibrant and functional defence industry is crucial in achieving strategic depth in an increasingly challenging global landscape.

Insightful International Perspective:

The Gala Dinner was graced by the presence of His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Australia. He shed light on the current challenges faced by Ukraine and emphasized the significance of Australia developing and maintaining its own sovereign capability.

Celebrating Excellence:

Two significant highlights of the evening brought immense joy to the crowd. Firstly, Kev Carroll AM was inducted as an AIDN Lifetime Member, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to the organization. Secondly, the 2023 AIDN QLD Young Achiever of the Year Award was presented to Rudraksh Goel of ECLIPS Logistics, recognizing his exceptional accomplishments.

Gratitude and Electric Atmosphere:

AIDN QLD extends its heartfelt gratitude to all who attended the Gala Dinner. From dignitaries and loyal members to other esteemed guests, your presence made the event truly special. The atmosphere in the room was electric, surpassing our own expectations.


The AIDN QLD Gala Dinner was a resounding success, bringing together industry leaders, government representatives, and young achievers to foster meaningful conversations and celebrate excellence. We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to making this event unforgettable. As we look back on the inspiring speeches, passionate perspectives, and remarkable moments, we are reminded of the power of collaboration and unity in driving the Defence Industry forward. We eagerly anticipate future gatherings that will continue to shape the industry’s progress and success.

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